Everything You Need to Try at Smorgasburg 2017

We know that it's finally getting warm again once Smorgasburg has arrived. Of course, there are a lot of new vendors this year, and we have compiled a list of the food you must try.

Saturdays -90 Kent Ave. Brooklyn NY 11211 11AM-6PM

Sundays - Prospect Park – Breeze Hill (East Drive at Lincoln Rd.) 11AM-6PM

The Halo-Halo | Ube Kitchen 

Ube Kitchen has been blowing up on social media lately. Their dragon fruit Ube ice cream bowls are insane & pretty cool to look at. Make sure you check them out.

Spaghetti Donut | Pop Pasta

The spaghetti donuts are a massive deal and I'm sure that you have already seen these on Instagram by now. The concept seems a little crazy, however these spaghetti frittata shaped donuts are actually pretty damn good. 

Giant Pineapple Juice | John's Juice

Have you ever just wanted to drink out of a whole watermelon or pineapple? Well, John's Juice has made that happen for us, and they serve up some really awesome fresh juice. The prices are very fair, the ingredients are fresh and you will look really cool drinking one. The only thing it's missing is some alcohol. 


Churro Ice Cream Sandwich | Dulcinea

Ok guys. This one is actually probably my favorite because it was honestly so freaking good. You really can't top a churro ice cream sandwich, and I can't imagine anything better on a warm day. If theres anything you really gotta try, it's this one


Mozzarella Sticks | Big Mozz

Big Mozz is unparalleled. First off, they have massive mozzarella sticks, and they're made with fresh mozzarellaI can't imagine anyone not liking these, so I would say that they are a MUST try

Some of last year's favorites are still around

The Ramen Burger | Ramen Burger

So, it's actually kind of cool because now you won't have to wait on that long of a line to get a ramen burger. The ramen burger is pretty much old news, but still tastes just as great as ever. Don't sleep on them this year. 

Ube Raindrop Cake | Rain Drop Cake

The raindrop cake is kind of just an anomaly. There's not much to say besides its an experience to try it. You're gonna die one day, so just do it. 

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